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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 9, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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this is "world news." tonight -- the blizzard of 2013. blowing through at hurricane strength. this evening, the deadly aftermath. the drivers trapped in their cars forced to sleep in them. the child in the car who died from carbon monoxide as his father was digging out. the town buried under 38 inches of snow tonight. our team digging their way to get there. the extreme weather team on all of it and sam champion on what's coming next. man hunt, the new reporting tonight of the former cop on the run and the worrisome training we never knew he had. size matters? the red-hot controversy tonight. the actress who makes so many of us laugh. and talk about pressure. the whole school counting on
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this first-grader. what they got only if he makes this free throw. good evening. thanks for being here this saturday night. we do begin here with the blizzard of 2013. 45 million americans digging out from the snow. after hurricane-strength winds driving that storm through, the next system on the way. sam champion on that shortly. but first, the pictures tonight. half dozen states, images like this. this guy's snow blower almost completely disappearing. this, so common today. trying to get the cars that just vanished from the snow. one family put the camera on their back deck, look at how quickly the covered the lens.
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look at the northeast there. disappearing under a massive storm. of course the numbers telling the story tonight. at least four dead, including one child. more than 650,000 without power. more than 5300 flights canceled. our extreme weather team. we lead off with meteorologist ginger zee who was in boston. ginger, good evening. >> reporter: david, good evening to you. i'm standing in one of the countless snow drifts, about waist high, i can show you just how deep it is and how hard it was to get around as this city had 25 inches of snow, its fifth largest snowfall, ever. >> tell the snow to go away. >> reporter: the snow. the winds. the angry ocean. tonight, new england's monster blizzard is well out to sea. in its wake, horrendous winds. waves lashing homes. this woman had to be rescue from
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her home. for those in its path it was a back-breaking saturday digging out. 11 million woke up to over 2 feet. in portland, maine, it was the biggest snowfall, ever, at least 32 inches. one 11-year-old boy died of carbon monoxide poisoning. it was crippling. leaving cars in tuned. wind gust s peaked above 70 mils per hour. crews from canada rushed in to help. standing in boston, the street is very busy with people checking out the storm. as worcester was buried a miracle at 3:00 a.m. at the peak of the storm the national guard
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helped deliver this baby. there's a street behind me. we have seen cars going back and forth a rare sight in the last 4 hours because there was their mandatory ban with all of those fines, up to a jeer in jail, now that's over, people can drive again. the roads are more passable. >> thank you for you for leading us off. we have learned this evening of countless stories. drivers trapped in their cars. abc's john schimriffen on long island tonight with drivers stranded. >> reporter: dozens of cars cemented in snow. here on long island, some areas were pummelled with more than 3 feet of snow dropping drivers like sebastian who was trying to get home from work. >> you have been sitting here the whole time? >> no food, no drink. no nothing.
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>> reporter: have you called anyone for help? >> i'm trying to reach the police now. >> reporter: firefighters are out here doing the best. but mother nature isn't cooperating. . >> the condition is still worse. lot of snow drifts. >> reporter: those traveling by train didn't fare much better. with amtrak cancelling rides for a second day in a row between boston and new york. passengers waiting for the first flight out. tonight, new york area airports are open with limited service. but here on long island, this truck driver is just one of many tonight still trying to get home. next time you hear a storm is coming, do you think you'll try to drive through it? >> never, ever. ly never do this again. >> reporter: crews have been able to bail out one side of
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this road. there are still plenty of cars stuck out here. this car ended up on a median. no reports of any serious injuries. david? >> thanks to you, john. one town got 38 inches of snow, we could only imagine the difficulty of digging out, so we sent abc's gio benitez, just getting there was a task. gio, glad to see you made it safely. >> reporter: we did make it, david. but that journey, oh, it wasn't easy. on road after road in connecticut, cars and their drivers are stuck in the snow. even those with the right equipment. so out here, trying to dig yourself out and you get stuck? >> i got stuck good. >> reporter: as we made our way to central connecticut. we found drivers in need of a little push. with roads in connecticut closed, we made the slow drive to millford, the ground zero in
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this storm. this is what 38 inches of snow looks like. after howling wind gusts overnight. people have been working since the early morning to get from out from under the snow. everything buried. a trash can, a no parking sign. do you still like the snow? >> i do. but it's nice to look at and not to shovel. >> reporter: so, it could take days for all of this snow to melt. your best and safest bet is to stay indoors and not get on those roads, david. >> let's bring in sam champion. sam, of course the big question tonight, is this all final lu out of here? >> well, david it's on its way out here. we started off this storm just 24 hours ago, with diane sawyer right here in the exact spot.
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we're standing on the snow pile that's been dragged up as they tried to clear the streets. i want to show you something. take a look at this satellite picture. look at that. does it look like a hurricane eye, it certainly does. as this storm pulls away from the coastline, it's similar to a hurricane category 1 reading. the storm's winds will stay with us for a few more hours. those snowfall totals, record-breaking again. in portland, 31 inches. almost 32 inches. their biggest snow total in a snow event, ever, boston in to top five there. again, that area that gio is in, that area 30 to 40 inches of snow that's considered a record in about any location. david, we'll watch this storm system pull away now. >> another storm out west and the arctic cold now coming.
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>> yeah, we'll warm up here over the next couple of days. even though we got the cold temperatures tonight. by the time we get into monday the entire northeast is warmer. there are blizzard warnings out tonight again for a place in the midwest. from denver all of the way up to minnesota. likely in south dakota and nebraska. by the time we get into sunday, we'll have blizzard conditions there. >> thank you, sam. other headlines this evening. tonight, new information on that ex-cop authorities now say a kiln on the run. we have learned this evening, some training that's troubling authorities. pierre thomas on this case again tonight. >> reporter: abc news has learned a man claiming to be christopher don dorner, the former lapds cops has called a father of the victim he murdered to taunt him. >> some kind of warfare. >> reporter: february, saturday 3rd, she and her fiance are
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gunned down in a parking lot in an alleged execution. on thursday, four days after the hit, a man identifying himself as dorner called randall quan, he became an attorney and represented dorner in a legal fight. according to court documents, the man called -- the call came just hours after dorner allegedly shot three police officers. killing one. today, the man hunt continued with more than 1,000 police engaged in a massive man hunt spanning hundreds of miles. at big bear, teams continued searching on feet. with canine units and helicopters. dorner has declared war on police. he claims that he was blacklisted and unjustly fired after accusing a fellow officer
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using excessive force. dorner is former military. and tonight a new concern. federal transportation officials are warning california airports that dorner has some flight training and might try to take an aircraft. david, it's a race against time. police believe that dorner will try to kill again. >> pierre, that's very worrisome tonight. in chicago this evening a difficult night after a visit from the first lady who was there to attend a funeral for a young innocent girl, gunned down while trying to take shelt frr the rain. abc's alex preerez is in chicag tonight. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama consoling loved ones today at the funeral for 15 hadiya pendleton. the emotional service running nearly four hours. >> i wished we could see her
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beautiful smile again. >> reporter: and a mother in pain. stood strong. determined to halt gun violence. >> no mother. no father. should ever have to experience this. >> reporter: days before she became a national symbol to end gun violence, she performed at the president's inauguration festivities. she was one of more than 40 people murdered in chicago last month, the bloodiest january this city has seen in a decade. in a hand-written note to her family, president obama vowed to work to end this senseless violence. the first lady also met with about 30 of hadiya's class mates and friends. david? >> alex perez, tonight, in
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chicago. alex, thank you. tonight, we're learning that boeing has conducted a test flight of his troubled 787 dreamliner. it took off for seattle, circling back. the dreamliner has been grounded after so many reports of problems with the batteries. oversees tonight, a court in egypt has ordered to block youtu youtube. given the dissension inside their new government, it's unclear that will be enforced. beijing's dangerous pollution wasn't enough to darner the spirits. it's the year of snake which some believe isn't considered a positive sign. still much more ahead on "world news" this saturday night. so many people loved her in that movie "bridesmaids." but many fans are taking a stand
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>> reporter: melissa mccarthy, one of the hottest actresses in hollywood. reviews have been mixed. but veteran critic rex reed's scathing write-up got personal. calling melissa tractor-size and a hippo. setting off a firestorm for the actress. while she hasn't spoken publicly about it, she has spoke candidly about her weight in the past. >> i got a great husband and i go to work every day and do what i want. >> reporter: that work, stealing scenes like this one in "bridesmaid." skillfully using her body to comedic advantage. >> she can do everything from slapstick to really more intelligent comedy. >> reporter: mccarthy isn't the only one under fire this week for her weight.
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chris christie poked fun at size. the famously confrontational governor fired back at this doctor. >> reporter: adele gracefully deflected karl layinger feld's comment that she was a little too fat. telling cbs' "60 minutes." that personal criticism isn't stopping melissa mccarthy. at the top of her game and getting the last laugh. hard to overstate the anger generated the review by rex reed. re it will be interested to see if reed feels that an apology is in order. >> she's so funny. the seventh grade science project soaring to incredible heights. the images this project sent
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from a seventh grade project. she sent her hello kitdty on on a water balloon. look at the remarkable images sent back. it landed some 47 miles from the launch site. in cincinnati, ohio, tonight, your chance to own a piece of architectural history, a frank lloyd wright, three bedrooms, soaring ceilings. the price, tag, though, more than $1.8 million. a school in maryland. we love it. a first-grader, blake harper, friday before the super bowl. free throw contest, if he makes it, the whole school gets a day off. here he goes. look at the school go wild. thumbs here. if you see something that catches your eye for the index,
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you can tweet me or simply find me on facebook. when we come back on the broadcast tonight -- so many of you have tweeted me about the little boy ethan. tonight, the one hero we haven't talked about yet, you'll want to see this in a moment. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa.
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finally tonight, here a thank you for all of those tweets during "20/20" last night. so many of you relieved to see ethan smile. tonight, i wanted to tell you the one man that everyone is talking about. it's hardly the bad guy. this fie was the hero. >> reporter: midland city, alabama. a town that relies on prayer and on that january afternoon, a town that would also rely on a school bus driver, a quiet man named chuck pole land, who called the school children on his bus his kids. he was driving that day, flagged down by a man who lived along the route, jimmy lee dykes, who
6:27 pm
demanded children from the bus. when he tried to put that bus in reverse he was shot and killed. little ethan stolen from the front seat. six days trapped in that bunker. last night, those first images of ethan. family showing that we would show america that ethan's smile has returned. there was something that we heard over and over again. >> a long line of heroes. i don't use that word lightly. i can also tell you that mr. pole land, the bus driver s a hero. this could have been so much worse. >> i have no doubt that his actions saved those children from being harmed. >> reporter: a thank you to the bus driver who always saved that front seat for ethan. what do you make of the bus driver? the fact that he -- >> the man is a hero. the man is a hero in this
6:28 pm
community. >> reporter: we learned from the neighbors in midland, a daily ritual. mr. poland would go home. >> he would sit on the porch and he would tell her about his kids. >> reporter: the kids on the bus? >> yes. >> reporter: the town now remembering mr. poland. they plan to name a baseball field or a stretch of highway in his name. the town's pastor. >> loved a man. >> because of what he did. he was going to do everything he could to protect those kids. >> reporter: he did. >> he did. >> he certainly did. that's the broadcast here for tonight. thank you for being here. "good morning america" and "this week" with george first thing in the morning. i'll see you tomorrow night.
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